M3 Ventures is one of a select few early-stage investment firms focused on the branded consumer sector

Areas of Interest

  • Lifestyle, performance / activewear, outdoor apparel & accessories

  • Direct-to-consumer retail, e-commerce

  • Health, fitness, wellness

  • Green, sustainable products

  • Plant-based, natural & organic foods & beverages


Company Characteristics

  • Motivated founders, capable management teams who have demonstrated strong execution

  • Growth stage companies with annual revenues less than $10 million

  • Venture stage companies doing Seed & A rounds for digital brands

  • Lifestyle focused, designed to leverage capital, entertainment, influence, connectivity

  • Focused on customer experience and engagement, bridging the gap between digital & offline

  • Enabled by technology, web services, social media

  • Product base that can be expanded, diversified & taken to international markets

  • Significant growth potential over the next 3-5 years

  • Privately-held companies located throughout the United States